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Living Life Well

Living Life Well What it means to live life well means, in essence, a variety of things to a vast array of individuals. One could say that Martin Luther King Jr. lived life well, while others may argue that fact… Continue Reading →

Communication Context

Communication Context Interpersonal Communication : Interperonal communication is the simplest form of communication. Every kind of communication includes an interpersonal element. This kind of communication covers a wide range of one-to-one forms from our casual daliy conversations to private relational… Continue Reading →

In The Beginning…

In The Beginning… “Where did man come from Where did time begin Who, or what, createdall things” These are questions that mankind has sought to answer from thebeginning of existence as it is known today. Many stories and fables have… Continue Reading →

Inner Strength

Inner Strength According to Webster?s Dictionary, the word strength means the power of exerting muscular force. For myself, strength is overcoming obstacles when others told you it couldn?t be done. Strength is to wake up every morning and think, not… Continue Reading →


Criminology The way ?Classical Criminology? was viewed was that if the punishment was of public notice they were scaring the people from committing crimes. Beccaria believed that people wanted to commit crimes but wanted to avoid being tortured. He felt… Continue Reading →


Darwin Darwin?s Different Directions From the very beginning of Charles Darwin?s attempt to make a career decision, another path always seemed more appropriate. He began as a medical student at Cambridge and soon afterward, re-routed towards the seminary. However, in… Continue Reading →

Nurture vs. Nature

Nurture vs. Nature A debate that all sociologists find themselves trying to fight is the Nurture vs. Nature. It is also sometimes known as the genetic/environmental controversy. The debate concerning the influence of nature and nurture in development is one… Continue Reading →

In God We Trust (A Faith Worth Questioning)

In God We Trust (A Faith Worth Questioning) Throughout the ages, humankind has been searching for an explanation as to its own existance. Part of what it means to be human is the constant need to find ones place within… Continue Reading →


Isralite Duty of chosen people The Hebrew nation of Israel is known as the chosen people, but scholars and others never say what they are chosen to do. The bible is very clear about the job of Israel and the… Continue Reading →

Russian Philosophy

Russian Philosophy Extending somewhat the scope of my original abstract, I would like to broach this very question: what is the position of the intelligentsia after ten years As this is a complex and multi-faceted question, I will only offer… Continue Reading →

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