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Fatalism Fatalism is the idea that everything that happens and our very actions not only will take place, but are unavoidable. Therefore, free will is only an illusion and the ?choices? we think we are making were actually predetermined by… Continue Reading →

Position Of Humanity

Position Of Humanity For as long as people have existed, we, as humanity, have struggled to discover and define our position on earth and within the greater scope of the universe and eternity. Greek philosophers, such as Plato, and early… Continue Reading →

Does Living In The Urban Environment Causes Mental Illness

Does Living In The Urban Environment Causes Mental Illness Does the urban environment itself cause mental illness Mental illness has been present in the world as far back as biblical times, and stigma against the mentally ill has had a… Continue Reading →

What Is Representative Realism

What Is Representative Realism John Locke thought that the ideas or perceptions, which we have of objects in the external world, represent themselves, whether they are being perceived or not. The view John Locke continually uses is called representative realism…. Continue Reading →

Communications Technology

Communications Technology Communication/ Media Technology This essay will be based on the life and works of some of the more noted innovators in the field of communication and media technology and will include a discussion around how technological advancement may… Continue Reading →

Pope Pius IX – The Immaculate Conception On Mary

Pope Pius IX – The Immaculate Conception On Mary The Immaculate Conception of Mary Pius IX was elected to the papacy in 1846, a very unstable time in Italian history. Although Pius was the first of the modern popes, who… Continue Reading →

What Is Religion

What Is Religion According to the dictionary, religion is a noun defined as the quest for the values of the ideal life. The above definition is vast and general, allowing people from all cultures to interrupt it differently. There is… Continue Reading →

Affects Of Divorce On Children

Affects Of Divorce On Children Divorce is becoming an ever present problem in the developing world. Most societies accept the fact that where there is marriage there is divorce, and ours is no different. When one thinks of divorce they… Continue Reading →

Pope Gregory VII Is Not A Revolutionary

Pope Gregory VII Is Not A Revolutionary When thinking on the term “revolutionary,” what comes to mind Perhaps an invention of some sorts, or a movement that brings about peace and prosperity at its conclusion. However, instances that bring about… Continue Reading →

What Is Really Real Philosophy

What Is Really Real Philosophy What is really real How do we distinguish between the appearance of something and the truth about it These questions and many more are not easily answered or are, perhaps, impossible to answer. But as… Continue Reading →

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